P/N 05103


The Wind Monitor, wind speed/wind direction sensor is both simple and lightweight.   Corrosion resistant construction, and the elimination of slip rings and brushes combine to make a reliable wind sensor. The wind speed sensor is a helicoid shape propeller molded of polypropylene plastic.  The four-blade propeller is 18 cm diameter x 30 cm pitch with a distance constant of 2.7 meters or 8.8 feet.  Threshold of the propeller is 1 m/sec.  Propeller rotation produces an AC sine wave voltage signal with frequency directly proportional to wind speed.  The AC voltage signal is induced in a centrally mounted coil located on the non-rotating portion of the main mounting assembly, eliminating the need for slip rings and brushes. The vane assembly has a threshold below 1.3 m/s with a damping ratio of 0.25.  Vane position is transmitted through a coupling to a precision conductive plastic potentiometer located in sealed chamber in the center of the main housing.  The potentiometer requires a regulated excitation voltage, which outputs an analog voltage directly proportional to azimuth angle. All transducer leads terminate in a junction box on the mounting post, making sensor cable connections easy and convenient.  Four conductors are required.  The tail assembly is thermo-formed of rigid U.V. stabilized plastic, and the main housing assembly and other internal parts are injection-molded.  Propeller shaft bearings and vertical shaft bearings are sealed stainless steel precision-grade ball bearings, which further contribute to the sensors’ ruggedness.





Wind Speed: 134 mph  (0-60 m/sec)

Gust Survival: 220 mph  (100 m/sec)

Azimuth: 360o mechanical (355o electrical 5o open)


   Propeller Sensitivity: 2.2 mph  (1.0 m/sec)

   Vane Sensitivity: 0.9 m/sec at 10°, 0.7 m/sec at 5°

Propeller Distance Constant: 6.9 feet  (2.1m) for 63% recovery

Vane Delay Distance: 3.9 feet (1.2m) for 50% recovery

Damping Ratio: 0.45


Wind Speed: ± 0.6 mph  (± 0.3 m/sec)

Wind Direction: ± 3°


Height: 15.0 in (38 cm)

Length: 15.0 in (38 cm)

Propeller Diameter: 7.9 in  (20 cm)

Mounting: 1.34 in  (34 mm) dia

Sensor Weight: 1.5 lbs  (0.;7 kg) 






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