Model UB6-1

UHF Satellite Antenna

P/N: AT-101-UB6


The satellite antenna UB6 is designed to be used with GOES, METEOSAT & GMS Data Collection Platforms operating from 401 to 403 MHz.  The gain of 6dB permits an EIRP of 47 dBm with a power input of 12 watts.  Which is the nominal specification for 300 Baud in NOAA's CS 1.0B specification.  At lower power levels it is compatible with NOAA’s CS 2.0 specification.

The wide beam width permits full illumination of all operating NOAA satellites simultaneously.  This is especially useful during satellite maneuvers or in the event of satellite failure or if there may be occasional physical interference on one satellite such as a passing ship.

The ABS plastic cover material is highly UV resistant and readily sheds rain, snow and ice.   The optional hydrophobic coating further improves that capability. 

The small size presents a very low visual impact.  Use of other cover colors such as tan or camouflage green can further reduce visibility.

Construction is aluminum back plane with stainless steel hardware.  The mount is integral with the back plane.    Azimuth adjustment is made by rotating on the pipe mount and elevation adjustment is made by selecting the elevation mounting holes.

The unit ships completely assembled.



Gain:  6 dB
3 dB Beam Width:  78 degrees
VSWR:  <1.5:1 at 402 MHz
Frequency:  Optimized for 402 MHz TX
Radio Axial:  < 5dB     
Weight:  6 Lbs

Frequency:  402 MHz
Cursor:  90 degrees
Gain:  6.40 dBi
Beam Width at -3 dB: 78º
Maximum Power:  100 Watts
Size: 12 inch back plane with 4 inch high by 10 inch diameter cover
Mount:  2 to 3 Inch pipe mount
Connector:  Type N
Optional: Hydrophobic Coating Cover Colors






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