UHF Satellite Antenna

P/N: AT-112-Y


The SAM-GOES-11 Cross Polarized Yagi Antenna is a rugged antenna designed for optimum performance for Environmental Satellite applications such as GOES and INSAT ( located any where in the geostationary arc from 45° E to 115° E longitude).  The driven elements are fed by a solid 3/8  rod feed system that allows or maximum power input.  The feed system is completely sealed from the elements in order to withstand unusually harsh weather situations and environments.


Polarization: LHCP and RHCP (Switchable in the field)

Gain: 11dBi

Center Frequency: 402.0 MHz to 403.0 MHz

3dB Beam Width: 40°

VSWR: 1.2 : 1

Impedance: 50 Ω

Axial Ratio: 0.8 to 1 dB

Operating Wind Speed: 150 mph

Wind Survival: 200 mph

Material: Aluminum (Rust–proof and oxidation–proof for use in coastal and saline area)

Connector Type: N type Female

Mounting: Fit with 1 or 2 (2.5 OD) with 360° Azimuth and elevation adjustment

Operating Temperature: -40 to +55° C

Operating Relative Humidity: 0-100 % RH

Weight: 5 lbs

Size: 44 inches and is crossed dipoles are ½ wave length or about 15 inches for a total enclosed volume of 6 cubic feet

Operating Rain Rate: 100 mm/Hr and water proof






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