Battery Sealed Lead-Acid

P/N EP-102-12*


Sealed lead-acid batteries, provided by Microcom utilize the latest technology and equipment to cast grids from a lead-calcium alloy free of antimony. The small amount of calcium and tin in the grid alloy imparts strength to the plate and guarantees durability even in extensive cycle service. Lead oxide paste is added to the grid to form the electrically active material. In the charged state, the negative plate paste is pure lead and that of the positive lead oxide. Both of these are in a porous or spongy form to optimize surface area and thereby maximize capacity. 


Separators:  Non-woven glass fiber cloth with high heat and oxidation resistance

Electrolyte:  Immobilized dilute sulfuric acid: H2SO4

Case Material:  ABS, high-impact plastic polypropylene-polyethylene copolymer

Case Sealing:  Ultrasonic welded

Terminals:  Batteries come either with post type terminals with threaded nut and bolt hardware, or heavy duty flag terminals made of lead alloy. A special epoxy is used as sealing material surrounding the terminals

Operational Safety:  Approved for shipment by air, both by D.O.T. and I.A.T.A.

Batteries are sized according to specific system configuration. 

Available capacities are from 7 Ah to 40 Ah.






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