Evaporator Pan Wind Run Sensor

Model EP-WR

P/N EP-102-WR


The Model EP-WRT Evaporation Pan Wind Run sensor is a Totalizing Anemometer equipped with a counter to provide a simple, yet precise, method of determining average wind speed and total air passage. The Totalizing Anemometer with continuous counting provides a record of the total horizontal wind movement past a fixed point, measured to the nearest 0.1 mile.  For maximum operational reliability, the sensor uses a sealed magnetic read switch. This switch produces a series of contact closures at a rate proportional to wind speed.

T h e robust aluminum cup assembly has a distance constant of less than 15 feet.

  The polycarbonate cups have a threshold of approximately 1 mph. The cups are beaded and are attached to the hub by sturdy arms. The turning radius is 4.25". Self-lubricating stainless steel bearings support the anemometer shaft.

The flanged base of the instrument is pre-drilled, permitting mounting on a wooden, metal, or concrete support. In an evaporation station the anemometer is typically mounted on the platform supporting the evaporation pan.


Type: 3-cup anemometer, 4.25" turning radius, injection molded, glass filled nylon cups

Accuracy: 1 mph

Threshold: 1 mph

Cup constant: 80.5 cup revolutions = 0.1 wind run miles

Speed constant: 1 Hz = 1.49 mph

Electrical output: Switch closure, 3 closures per revolution

Cable: 2-conductor 24 AWG shielded PVC jacket, 40' standard

Mount: 1-1/16" o.d. pipe (standard 3/4" I.P.S. pipe), set screw adjustment

Weight: 1 lb

Ordering Information: Specify Distance from Evaporation Pan to DCP






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