H Frame Supports





The Microcom ‘H’-Frame Support system is an easily deployed configuration. This system was designed to meet a specific customers application, however, it is widely adaptable. The design is based on the customer (or, Microcom’s in-country personnel) being able to obtain the basic structure elements for field installation from widely available materials (2 inch diameter pipe and 1.5inch square tubing). The installation is easily accomplished in remote, difficult to reach areas, with a minimum of tools needed. If the ‘H’-Frame Support system is ordered as a component from Microcom it is provided with all bracketry and hardware for the specific application. The components may be ordered as aluminum (6061-T6) or hot-dipped galvanized steel. All hardware and brackets are stainless steel (Type 316).Microcom can design a configuration to meet your specific requirement, or provide just the monitoring elements and let you design a configuration.






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