Enclosure NEMA-4X


P/N: EN-101-S


The NEMA-4X single door wall-mount type enclosure is designed to protect against dust, dirt, oil and water. Suitable for applications in petrochemical plants, marine areas, and environments where they can be subject to harsh generally wet conditions.

The enclosures are constructed of either Type 5052-H32 aluminum with a smooth brushed finish, or powder coated steel, with  continuously welded seams ground to a smooth finish. The door opening has a folded lip consisting of multiple 90 degree bends providing complete gasket contact that prevents liquids from dripping inside when the door is open.               


Size:  20” x 16” x 8” (sized determined by configuration)

Material:  5052-H32 Aluminum or Powder Coated Steel

Material Thickness:

Box:  0.08”

Cover:  0.08”

Dimensions:  H 20” x W16” x D 8”

Hold Downs:

Height Side:  2

Width Side:  1

Weight:  12 lbs.

Backplane:  Aluminum

Ordering Information

Enclosures are sized for specific configuration

Powder Coated Steel: EN-101-S

Brushed Aluminum: EN-101-A






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