Air Temperature & Relative Humidity

Model MP-101

P/N: RT-101


The Model MP101 is a combined relative humidity and air temperature sensor designed for outdoor applications. Operation from a DC voltage with low power consumption with no warm-up time makes the MP101 particularly suitable for operation at remote locations. Energizing of the probe is required for only 0.25 seconds during each measurement The MP101 is provided with a naturally aspirated Solar Shield & Mount P/N RT-104-MPS. The MP101 can be used over long periods of time without any maintenance or recalibration.

Solar Shield & Mount

P/N RT-104-MPS



Sensor: Rotronic Hygrometer C94

Measurement Range: 0-100% RH

Output Signal: 0-1.0 VDC = 0-100%RH (linear)

Accuracy: ±1.0%RH

Repeatability: 0.3%RH

Stability: 1% over 1 yr.


Sensor: Pt100 RTD

Measurement Range: -40° to +60°C

Storage limits: -50° to +70°C

Output Signal: -0.4….+0.6 VDC = -40°…..+60°C (linear)

Accuracy: ±0.2°C

Repeatability: ±0.1°C

Electrical Characteristics

Supply Voltage: 4.8-30.0 VDC

Current Consumption: <10mA

Response Time: 10 seconds


Weight: 70g

Dimensions: 200mm x 25mm dia.






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