Net Solar Radiation



The Model NR-LT Solar Radiation sensor (NR-LT pyranometer) is designed for the reliable measurement of total global net radiation; the energy balance between  the incoming spectral short-wave and long-wave IR radiation, from 0 to 100 mm, relative to the surface reflected 1 short-wave and outgoing long-wave IR radiation. The revolutionary low maintenance two-way sensor design of the NR-LT features a unique conical shaped black teflon coated aluminum absorber surface, on both the up and downward facing sensor surfaces. Upon manufacture, the sensitivity of both sensors are trimmed and calibrated to a single identical sensitivity coefficient. The NR-LT outputs a milli-volt signal that is proportional to the total global net energy balance, though a permanently attached two wire shielded all weather cable.



Detector Protection: Teflon coated (no domes)

Sensitivity (upper detector): 10mV/Wm-2 (nominal)

Recommended output range for atmospheric application: -25 to +25mV

Sensor Asymmetry: +20%

Range: -2000 to +2000W m2

Response Time (1/e): 20 sec (nominal)

Temperature Range: -30°C to +70°C

Directional Error: <30







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