Water-Level Shaft Encoder

Model 1

P/N: 1970399


A) Extremely Low Input Torque
0.02 oz/inches (0.00014 N-M) starting torque. There are no gears or significant inertia in the input shaft. USGS data shows 0.23 oz/inches generated by a 1.5 inch diameter float displaces 0.001 feet of water.
B) Low Power Consumption
14μA quiescent and 20mA for 0.1 second while taking a measurement, measured at the SDI-12 connector. A reading every 5 minutes averages to 21μA. An internal low temperature capable battery is included.
C) Robust Mechanical Design
The entire functioning module is independent of the surrounding enclosure. All mechanical alignment is integral with the shaft module. The enclosure provides float wheel support and physical protection. The module may be placed in a wide variety of
enclosures that are fitted to the application.
D) Options
The shaft may be fitted with: metric 375 mm, English 1 foot, or custom float and pulley arrangements.
E) Setup and Read Out
Simple setup and data acquisition using any SDI-12 master. Offset and slope are software adjustable so that various shaft inputs can be measured.


Accuracy: +/- ¼ degree, +/- ½ degree worst case over temperature, 0.0014 feet and 0.5 mm worst case accuracy with the 1 foot and 375 mm float wheels respectively.

Resolution: 0.1 degree

Starting Torque: 0.02 oz/in (does not include any float wheel imbalance)

Internal Battery Life: 50,000 hours – no power from SDI-12, taking 1 measurement every 5 minutes

Temperature Range: -40 to +65 C

Connectors: 206429-1 (4 pin male)


Data Sheet


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