P/N C-113-PWR*


All wiring is encased in a flexible metallic conduit, terminated in keyed connector plugs, and permanently sealed with epoxy molded heat-shrink. Each cable termination is unique to the sensor, with matched mating receptacles on the enclosure bottom to prevent incorrect connections. Cable/conduit lengths are determined by tower heights and sensor elevation, or by customer based requirements. All terminations are soldered and tested and all cables come preassembled from the factory.    

Ordering Information                                                                

For non-standard requirement;

Specify desired length

Specify conduit size

Specify metallic or non-metallic conduit 

 * Part Numbers are matched to specific components

C-113-PWR: Cable, Power Supply

C-112-IFC: Cable, Interface

C-114-SP: Cable, Solar Panel

C-116-ANT-G: Cable, GOES Antenna

C-117-ANT-GPS: Cable, GPS for GOES Antenna

C-101-TB: Cable, Tipping Bucket

C-106-J: Cable, W-L Junction Box

C-105-PT: Cable, Water Level Pressure Sensor


Conduit Type:  Flexible corrugated liquid-tight metallic (aluminum alloy) electrical conduit

Size:  0.3”, 0.5” & 0.75” diameter available

Termination Type:

Plug:  Solid shell, non-rotating w/solder-cup and friction screw clamped to conduit

Receptacle:  Solid shell, integral polarizing key w/solder-cup, box mount

Cable Type:  Stranded tinned copper multi-conductor, PVC jacked, shielded

Size:  16 to 24 AWG available

Rating:  300v

Certification:  Underwriters Laboratory (UL)

Temperature Range:  -30 to +80 ºC