Dual Pilot Control Module


The Microcom Dual Pilot Control Module allows
operation of GOES DCS direct reception using the
NOAA primary and secondary Pilots. NOAA's
primary pilot is at 401.85 MHz and secondar y pilot is at 401.7 MHZ. The rack mount DPCM is used with the DAMS-NT based systems. A desk top model ( fall 08) is used with the DigiTrak
based DRGS. Switch over to the alternate pilot is
made automatically (20 ms) whenever there is an
interruption in the current operating pilot.

The DPCM retains operation on the secondary pilot until one of two conditions occurs. If lock is lost on the secondary
pilot and the primary is available then operation is returned to the primar y. Alternately, the return to primary operation
may be manually initiated.
The GOES DCS input signal is frequency translated so that the 401.85 MHz DCS pilot uplink signal is always located
precisely at 5 MHz in the IF output signal. Initial acquisition of both primary and back up pilots is made by referencing
from the GOES Telemetry and Control Link signal. This feature greatly reduces the chance of false pilot lock.

The standard configuration requires an IRIG-B input time source. Optionally the DPCM may be ordered with integral
GPS receiver to generate IRIG-B required by the DigiTrak demodulators.
Communication with the DPCM is via a TCP/IP LAN connection. Provided with the DPCM at no additional cost is a
stand-alone PC utility that utilizes the LAN interface to provide monitoring and control of the unit. The DPCM allows for
up to four simultaneous TCP/IP connections; the utility software may be freely distributed and requires no special
licensing or installation.
An optional upgrade to the DAMS-NT Server application is also available that integrates the same functionality of the
stand-alone utility directly into the DAMS-NT Server application. This upgrade also allows the operating characteristics
of both Pilots to be graphically monitored and logged.
Also available is an optional audio alarm to alert operators that the DPCM requires attention. The alarm is triggered
on the loss of pilot lock, and must be manually reset.




DPCM Utility

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