Microcom Design Satellite Products

Microcom standard products include satellite transmitters, antennas, desktop and rack mount satellite receivers, test sets and software tracking and database tools.


GTX GTX-2.0 Satellite Transmitter and Datalogger (1970614)

The Microcom GTX is a complete integrated data collection and satellite transmission system. It is low power by design. Its critical parameters for time and frequency are derived from high quality oscillators and GPS.
Dual Pilot   DAMS-NT DigiRIT

GOES DCS LRIT Direct Satellite Reception.
DAMS-NT Receiver   DAMS-NT Receiver

Rack mount modular Satellite DCS receiver system using networked architecture.
DAMS-NT software   DAMS-NT Software

DADDS   DADDS Remote Data Collection System

Dual Pilot   Dual Pilot Control Module

The Dual PCM adds the feature of monitoring the prime and back up pilot signals. Both pilot signals are used in an auto fail over mode for high reliability operation.
Dual Pilot   DAMS-NT DigiTrack

Provides 4 channels per module or small DRGS station.
DigiTrack IV   DigiTrackIV Desktop Satellite Receiver

Provides 4 channels per module or small DRGS stations.
GOES Test Set   GOES Satellite Transmitter Test Set

Permits field and laboratory reception of Satellite transmissions direct from the antenna or RF port. Receives data and measures signal quality.
Yagi Antenna   GOES/INSAT YAGI Antenna

UHF satellite antenna with 11 dB of gain.
UB8 GOES Transmitter Antenna   UB8 GOES Transmitter Antenna

UHF satellite antenna with 8.5 dB of gain, random covered.
UB6 GOES Transmitter Antenna   UB6 GOES Transmitter Antenna

Small UHF satellite antenna with 6.5 dB of gain, random cover.
SCD/ARGOS Antenna   SCD/ARGOS Satellite Transmitter Antenna

UHF satellite omnidirectional antenna with 3 dB gain.