Microcom Design Sensors and Data Acquisition Products

Microcom standard products include satellite transmitters, antennas, desktop and rack mount satellite receivers, test sets and software tracking and database tools. Text about the Products and how our customers use the different categories of the products will do here. This will cover the needs of customers and how these categories will work to solve the needs.


Water-Level Pressure Sensor   Water-Level Pressure Sensor
The WLP is the latest generation of pressure transducers. It allows the measurement of water head to a fine degree of accuracy and repeatability. The unit consists of a piezoresistive sensing element and a RS-485 to SDI-12 transpator. The pressure transducer circuitry is contained within a stainless steel factory sealed housing. The electrical connection is
made via a standard SDI-12 cable.
Water-Level Shaft Encoder   Water-Level Shaft Encoder
The function of the SE 1 is to provide a measurement of the rotation of the input shaft. It is designed to be used with SDI-12 equipped data systems. The sensing system is a combination of absolute value single rotation and rotation increment magnetic sensing. The SE 1 is designed to have significantly improved features over existing shaft encoders, most of which use designs that are decades old. New technology has permitted greater simplicity and precision.
Rain Gauge Tipping Bucket   Rain Gauge Tipping Bucket R-101-TB3

200 mm diameter collector with 2 percent accuracy at 300 mm / hr rain rate.

Global Solar Radiation   Global Solar Radiation (Pyranometer)

Silicon Diode based Solar radiation measurement with mounting hardware.
Net Solar Radiation   Net Solar Radiation

Measures net solar radiation, incoming minus reflected.
Wind Monitor   Wind Monitor

Propvane wind speed and direction sensor to 0,6 to 220 mph.
Ultrasonic Wind Sensor 101   Ultrasonic Wind Sensor 101

High resolution and accuracy acoustic wind sensor.
Ultrasonic Wind Sensor 105   Ultrasonic Wind Sensor 105

Low power acoustic wind sensor.
Barometer 278   Barometric Pressure Sensor BP-278

Standard accuracy barometer (1 mB)
Barometer 270   Barometric Pressure Sensor BP-270

Better than 0.5 mB accuracy barometer.
Air Temperature and Relative Humidity   Relative Humidity & Air Temperature

1 % RH and 0.25 C accuracy air Temperature and relative humidity with Solar shield.
Evaporator Pan   Evaporation Pan, Class A

Stainless Steel class A Evaporation Measurement Tank for operating depth of 10 inches by 4 feet diameter.
Evaporator Pan Wind Run Sensor   Wind Run Sensor, (Evap. Pan)

Companion sensor for evaporation measurement.
Evaporator Pan Water Level Sensor   Water Level (Evap. Pan)

Evaporation pan water level measurement for limited range and matching high resolution.
Evaporator Pan Auto-Fill Valve   Auto-Fill Valve (Evap. Pan)

With and external water source this device refills the evaporation pan water losses to hold a near constant depth.
Soil Moisture Probe   Soil Moisture & Temperature

Stainless steel soil moisture and temperature probe, single point measurement.
Soil Moisture Probe Easy   Soil Moisture Easy AG & Temperature

Soil Moisture probe with up to 4 built in measurement points that obtains the soil growing zone moisture profile.
Soil Temperature Probe   Soil Temperature

Three point soil temperature measurement with SDI-12 output.