Ancillary Products
Microcom Design Ancillary Products

Microcom standard products include satellite transmitters, antennas, desktop and rack mount satellite receivers, test sets and software tracking and database tools. Text about the Products and how our customers use the different categories of the products will do here. This will cover the needs of customers and how these categories will work to solve the needs.


Tower   Towers 10m

Met Sensor Tower 10 meter or other as specified.
H Frame Support   'H' Frame Support

Support hardware for remote met and hydro sites.
Static Dissipator   Static Dissipator

Lightening protection for tower sensor systems.
Grounding Systems   Grounding Systems

Ground hardware for tower systems.
Cables   Cables, Conduit & Terminations

Cable protection for remote sites.
NEMA-4x Enclosure Non-metallic   NEMA-4X Enclosure Non-metallic

Plastic NEMA (IP66) remote site equipment enclosure.
NEMA 4x Enclosure Steel & Aluminum   NEMA-4x Enclosure Steel & Aluminum

SS or Aluminum NEMA (IP66) remote site equipment enclosure.
Battery   Battery

Sealed Lead acid battery power for remote sites.
Solar Panel   Solar Panel

Solar panels for remote station power.
Solar Regulator   Solar Regulator

Provides compensated solar panel charge control for lead acid batteries, also see MSM 410.