Sensor Interface
Microcom Design Sensor Interfacing Products

Microcom standard products include satellite transmitters, antennas, desktop and rack mount satellite receivers, test sets and software tracking and database tools. Text about the Products and how our customers use the different categories of the products will do here. This will cover the needs of customers and how these categories will work to solve the needs.


GTX   GTX-1.0 Satellite Transmitter and Datalogger (DL-101)

The Microcom GTX is a complete integrated data collection and satellite transmission system. It is low power by design. Its critical parameters for time and frequency are derived from high quality oscillators and GPS.
Remote Display   GTX-1-N-D Environmental Sensor Logger with Com Ports

The GTX-1 -D-N is a flexible data logger with extensive sensor inputs, data storage, memory, and communications options.
Remote Display   Remote Display

The Microcom GTX Remote Display is a compact device intended for mounting within the field enclosure used to house the Microcom GTX transmitter. The device allows field personnel to readily verify GTX sensor values without having to connect a laptop or other computer external to the enclosure. To achieve this, the unit replaces the RS-232 cable which normally connects the GTX serial port to the outside of the enclosure.
SI-5 Sensor Interface   SI-5 Sensor Interface

The SI-5 Sensor Interface may be set up as a complete data collection system. It may be interface to the GTX by use of SDI-12 smart sensor approach or via the RS-232 port.
SCBM-410 SDI-12   SCBM-410 SDI-12 Battery Charger and Multisensor Board

Converts standard analog sensor inputs to SDI-12 and includes Temperature compensated battery charge control.
SCBM-420 SDI-Quad   SCBM-420 SDI-QUAD Battery Charger and Multisensor Board

Converts standard analog sensor inputs to SDI-12.